What is Sasha Hopkins Real Net Worth?

Sasha Hopkins claims to have a high net worth and property portfolio valued at more than $15,000,000 Australian, but is it true? And how many people’s lives have been devastated in the process?

What is Sasha Hopkins Net Worth?

There are concerns that dishonest businessman Sasha Hopkins may be pocketing investors hard earned capital

According to the write-up on The A Team Property Group’s website, dishonest businessman Sasha Hopkins has grown his personal portfolio value to be worth in excess of $15M on completion of current projects. However, a couple of very important things to note about Sasha’s net worth, firstly, it’s become clear that most of Sasha’s projects over the past few years have failed and been put into administration or liquidation. And secondly, Sasha is refusing to return $10,000,000+ of investors hard earned capital. Apparently, according to the administrators, Sasha says he doesn’t have the money. Well that’s interesting.

So Why Won’t Sasha Hopkins Return Investors Capital?

Sasha Hopkins is not prepared to use his net worth or property portfolio to honour his promises
What is Sasha Hopkins real net worth, and is he pocketing investors hard earned capital?

I suspect Sasha either does not have the money (so perhaps he’s not as ‘high net worth’ as what he would like people to think), or he does, but is so crooked, that he’d prefer for 100+ investors to take the hit. And by taking a ‘hit’ I mean a number of investors experiencing complete loss of superannuation and retirement savings, marriage breakdowns, and people having to re-mortgage their home, let alone mental health issues. It seems Sasha thinks anything is better than for him to have to dip into his own pocket, do the right thing and deliver the “fixed returns” which were promised and clearly laid out in the written agreement. I’ve included a screenshot of relevant part of the written agreement again below.

A screenshot of the written agreement showing the fixed returns which were promised

How Old is Sasha Hopkins?

Dishonest businessman Sasha Joakim Hopkins was born on 06/08/1988, making him 33 years old at the time of writing.

My Suspicions

While Sasha likes to spruik a personal portfolio of $15,000,000, judging by the way he runs his business, I suspect he is very heavily geared. If I were to guess, I suspect he might have as little as 10 or 20% equity, meaning he might have a net worth of ~$1-2M (perhaps even less) with the banks owning the rest. And with Sasha likely to face comprehensive and ongoing legal action for all his dishonest business dealings, I suspect it’s not going to get any better.

A Screenshot of Sasha’s Website Showing his Claimed Portfolio Value

As far as I’m aware, Sasha’s net worth or property portfolio has never been independently verified, so if Sasha is not an honest person, for all we know he could just be making it up, taking investors life savings and using it for his own gain.

Are you considering doing business with Sasha’s business? Be sure to read my review of The A Team Property Group before making any decision. This is not only my personal experience, but that of 100+ investors who have had very similar experiences.

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